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Industrial Designer

We have a team of world-class engineers that can help with all of your material handling projects. We can design to your specifications or we can just help your team implement their ideas in a robust and cost-effective way

A Man Welding

With our full fabrication shop and highly skilled tradesman, we have tackled projects of all sizes. From full warehouses to kitting and flashing stations, we have you covered

Technicians at Work

Looking to install a pre-built system? We have installed hundreds of systems all around the United States from many different manufacturers. Our team of skilled technicians know about getting it right the first time to ensure that your project is on-time and under budget


Full-time Maintenance Staffing

Electrical, mechanical, and programming capabilities! Sometimes the maintenance burden of your equipment is too much for your current maintenance staff. We can supplement your current staff to help complete tasks, give efficiency tips, and improve your processes. Billed at our simple hourly rate plus travel, no commitment necessary!

Applying Oil to Chain of Garage Door
Preventative Maintenance

All machines have to be maintained in one aspect or another and a well maintained system is an efficient one. Let us set up a routine maintenance plan for your system that will minimize downtime and maximize life-cycle. We provide comprehensive reports and can integrate into your existing CMMS system.

24/7 Emergency Shut Down Response

In the automation industry we know very well that downtime can destroy revenue and decimate profits. Downtime management can often be the difference between being in the red or being in the black. With our rapid response time and around the clock availability, we can get you back running as quick as possible. If you are down and need help, call our 24/7 emergency line now!

Custom Fabrication and

Custom is our specialty! With a full machine shop and highly-experienced machinists, we deliver precision crafted parts for all of your low and mid-run applications!

Refurbish and Restore

Some machines just can't be thrown away. If your budget doesn't support purchasing a new system, refurbishing an existing installation could be better for you. We take care of the details and give a variety of options so that you can choose what best fits your limitations.

Automation Engineering Consulting

Our engineers have centuries of combined experience in automation. If you can dream it, they can make it a reality. Join a growing number of successful companies that utilize our expertise everyday!


Since 1989

Since 1989 Reliable Automation has been providing quality services throughout the southeast. If you walk into just about any retail environment in the southeast, you will find products made or processed by Reliable Automation machines. Founded in Birmingham, Alabama Reliable Automation was created on the principle that equipment should be built to last. Robustness and longevity are staples of our products.


"BLG Logistics relies on our partners to create innovative and reliable outcomes for our customers. Reliable Automation has been integral to our success, delivering a range of services from basic equipment repairs to design and implementation of complex automation. The best part is that not only is Reliable a superb partner, they are great to work with"

- Chief Operating Officer, BLG Logistics, Inc.



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Multi-Craft Maintenance Technicians Needed! 

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